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Apple's US retail notebook share up to 20 percent?

One in five notebooks purchased at US retail outlets during the recent back-to-school buying season were Macs, according to a new report.

Citing data from market research firm NPD, the Register notes that sales of Apple's notebook lines shot up more than 35 percent year-over-year to claim 20 percent of the US retail market during the months of July and August.

When quantified in terms of retail dollar share, rather than unit share, the Mac maker's slice of the market came in even higher, rising 30 percent to account for an identical 35 percent of all moneys spent on notebook computers during those months.

Sales of Windows-based notebooks are reported to have fallen 1.5 percent in dollar share and 10 percent in units during the same time frame.

Word of the latest surge in MacBook sales comes less than two weeks after NPD released similar data, showing that Apple's share of the North American notebook market to have risen more than 60 percent to 10.6 percent during the three-month period ending June.

The surge was good enough to boost the company into the fourth position overall amongst all North American notebook manufacturers.