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Apple releases stability fixes for latest MacBook lines


On Wednesday night, Apple released equal pairs of EFI and SMC firmware fixes for all of the new, late 2008 MacBook models to tackle problems with their reliability and power indicators.

The updates for the regular 13-inch MacBook (EFI, SMC), MacBook Air (EFI, SMC) and 15-inch MacBook Pro (EFI, SMC) all share virtually identical release notes, indicating solutions common to their platform rather than model-specific glitches.

The EFI updates all address "several issues" with the stability of the systems, though what these are isn't made clear: a large number of users in Apple's support discussions have been noting random freezing when systems have more than the base amount of memory, however.

In turn, the SMC fixes improve the accuracy and detection response of the MagSafe power connector's indicator light, which lets users know whether the system has reached a full charge. Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro systems have also had the reliability improved for their button-activated battery indicator lights.

Each of the updates requires Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later.