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Video tour of Apple's Mac OS X Snow Leopard surfaces online

Those eager to see Snow Leopard in action can now see it through an unofficial but detailed series of videos detailing the upcoming Mac OS X release.

The tour, built out of a series of YouTube videos from MyAppleGuide, shows some of the key changes made to the operating system in the WWDC build released to developers earlier this month.

So far, the six clips on hand tackle core interface features like the updated Finder, Preview, Stacks, System Preferences and the overhauled interface of QuickTime Player X.

An introduction (shown below) also discusses some of the harder to quantify experiences of Snow Leopard, including significantly improved installation and startup tiimes as well as a default setting that hides the Macintosh HD icon. Not all of the features shown during Phil Schiller's keynote are accessible, however, and omit Expose integration with the Dock, among other features shown at WWDC.