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Snow Leopard Golden Master seeded to Apple developer community


Apple has supplied its broad developer community the presumed Golden Master build for Snow Leopard, going beyond the select group who previously had sole access, numerous sources tell AppleInsider.

Though Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard build 10A432 was allegedly supplied earlier in the week to a select group of developers and company employees, this latest update is another sign that Apple's next operating system is nearing release. The operating system's presumed Golden Master, which is typically the final version before the product is released for duplication on optical media, is now said to be in the hands of all registered Mac OS X developers.

Accompanying the client version was reportedly a build of Snow Leopard Server, which is one build number higher, 10A433. It also included what may be the final release of QuickTime 7, version 7.6.4.

The download size of the client image is 6.1GB, while the server image weighs in at 5.5GB.

The latest version of OS X is due to be released in September, but Apple has not announced an official date. As the software speeds towards its delivery, more information continues to leak out about the Mac-maker's latest operating system. Wednesday, AppleInsider exclusively revealed the software's installation process.

Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard is priced at $29 for the single user license and $49 for the five-license family pack. The upgrade prices are available for users of the current version of Mac OS X, 10.5 Leopard. Snow Leopard will only be available for Mac users on Intel-based computers.

Also available is Mac OS X Server 10.6 Snow Leopard. Priced at $499, Leopard Server is said to be the most significant improvement to the server operating system since Mac OS X Server was launched. Amazon is also selling box sets with Snow Leopard, featuring the OS, iWork and iLife for $169 and the five-license family pack, iWork and iLife for $229.