Inside Apple's unibody polycarbonate MacBook (teardown photos)

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Released Tuesday, Apple's refreshed MacBook has already been dissected, revealing similarities to the Macbook Pro and Air lines.

The mad geniuses over at iFixit have already thoroughly disassembled and examined the new MacBook, less than 24 hours since the product hit the Apple store.

The new model replaced the existing MacBook line, and kept the same $999 price point. The price point is one of the only aspects that has remained from the previous generation. The new MacBook instead borrows heavily from both the MacBook Pro and Air models.

Some of the major changes include:

  • Polycarbonate unibody construction
  • Display featuring LED backlighting
  • A multi-touch glass trackpad
  • Integrated battery
  • No more FireWire or IR port
  • No external battery indicator
  • No Mini-DVI port, replaced by a Mini DisplayPort

iFixit has highlighted several interesting aspects of the new design:

  • The new battery is only 5 more watt-hours than the previous version's yet it adds two hours of run time, meaning the machine is markedly more efficient
  • The battery is actually lighter than the older model
  • Unlike the earlier model, AirPort and Bluetooth share the same board, and all three antenna cables route into the display, meaning a possible improvement in Bluetooth range
  • The MacBook has exactly the same GPU and CPU as the baseline 13" MacBook Pro

iFixit plans on creating detailed repair guides for the MacBook in the future, updates can be monitored by following the Twitter feed @ifixit.