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Native iPad app library passes 10,000 milestone

Apple's iTunes App Store now lists more than 10,000 universal and iPad specific apps, with nearly 1,000 more being added every week.

According to a report by Mac Stories, Apple's iPad library includes over 2,100 games and includes a broad mix of content from digital books to productivity and news apps to rich media apps.

Around 78% of iPad specific titles are paid apps, echoing the findings of an earlier report by Moblix that cited an 80% paid mix in April when the iPad store first opened with around 3,000 titles.

A slightly smaller percentage (around 75%) of the iPhone's 225,000 titles are also paid apps. This indicates iPad users are more willing to pay for premium content.

Faster growth, despite Apple's approval process

According to a report by PadGadget, growth of the iPad apps library has outpaced the original iPhone App Store, which took almost five months to reach the 10,000 app milestone in 2008.

The site also notes that Google's Android Market took almost 11 months to reach 10,000 apps; that store has no approval process in place screening apps for performance as advertised or other quality control issues.

Google currently forbids Android tablet makers from putting Android Market on their non-smartphone devices, so there is no official market for Android-based tablet software comparable to what Apple maintains for iPad users.

In just 63 days, Apple's curated App Store for iPad has taken third place after iPhone apps and Android smartphone apps. PadGadget notes that HP's Palm/webOS, RIM's BlackBerry App World, and Nokia's Symbian platform all boast fewer than 7,000 apps.