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Apple promoting iPhone 4 in four new FaceTime ads

Apple's new ads campaign for iPhone 4 have shifted from "there's an app for that," to a message targeting a specific new app: FaceTime.

A series of four new spots present family members using FaceTime to interact in series of warmly sentimental circumstances reminiscent of the oriental tearjerker spot Apple created and debuted at WWDC.

The new ads present a daughter shy about her braces being coaxed into a smile by her father, a son showing his father his new granddaughter, a girl showing off her new haircut to her boyfriend, and a woman breaking the news to her husband that she's pregnant.

The new spots demonstrate Apple's marketing savvy, as each spot tugs a customers' heartstrings, rather than simply bragging about hardware specs by comparing smartphones to some kind of an alien invasion (as Verizon's odd Droid ads), or presenting a creepy woman muttering about esoteric features (as Palm did with its bizarre Pre commercials).