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Apple looking into iOS 4 problems on iPhone 3G


After numerous reports of problems, Apple is investigating the performance of the iPhone 3G when running iOS 4.

A spokeswoman for Apple told the Wall Street Journal that the Cupertino, Calif., company is aware of the reports and looking into the matter.

Users have complained of several major problems after upgrading to the new operating system, including slowness, decreased battery life and overheating. Several blogs are currently advising iPhone 3G users against upgrading to the new operating system.

Many users have expressed anger or disappointment at the situation. “This phone has gone from being a dream to constantly annoying me. Not a way to make friends. I would upgrade to an iPhone4, but I’m feeling pretty angry that Apple has forced my hand by making my 3G unusable,” wrote one user on an Apple forum.

As reported in June by AppleInsider, iOS 4 for iPhone 3G is missing several key features, including multitasking and support for Bluetooth keyboards. The increased memory requirements of iOS 4 are cited as a reason for disabling the extra features. First generation iPhone and iPod touch units are unable to run iOS 4.

The problems with iPhone 3G's running iOS4 are the latest in a series of high-profile hardware and software mishaps that Apple has faced. Issues with the iPhone 4 antenna have, for the most part, eclipsed several other reported problems.

In addition to the iPhone 4 antenna problem, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs confirmed earlier in July that there is indeed a problem with the iPhone 4 proximity sensor. The company is currently working on a software fix for the sensor.