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Apple's iPod classic survives another year, but sees no changes

Though it went unmentioned at Apple's media event, the iconic iPod classic remains available from Apple at the same $249 price point for 160GB of storage.

Apple last year increased the capacity of its sole hard drive-based portable media player to 160GB. And even that increase was minor, considering that two years prior Apple had introduced a 160GB model, only to ax it in 2008.

The 2009 update to the iPod classic gave the device the same slim profile as the 120GB model released in 2008.

While the iPod classic earned a brief mention in 2009 due to its capacity bump, it went unmentioned by Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs on Wednesday. That isn't because Apple discontinued the device, however.

The iPod classic remains advertised on Apple's site, and is still available for sale in the company's online store. It touts that the device can carry 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video or 25,000 photos on its internal hard drive.

Given the legacy of the device, with a design largely unchanged for years, and its lack of solid state storage and reliance on the iconic click wheel, some believed Apple would finally put the nail in the coffin on the device in 2010.