iTunes 10 now available for download

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After minor delays, Apple's latest version of iTunes is ready for download.

iTunes 10, announced Wednesday by Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, includes the new Ping music social networking feature, AirPlay for wireless media streaming, a redesigned interface and a new logo.

The new iTunes logo keeps the prominently displayed musical notes, but no longer contains a CD in the background, a fitting change given that Jobs expects Apple to surpass all CD sales in the U.S. by next spring.

During Wednesday's keynote, Jobs said the new version would be available starting Wednesday, but users were unable to download the software for most of the day. Instead, a "Coming Soon" button redirected users to iTunes 9.2.1. Some users have reported trouble downloading the file, although increased traffic to Apple's website following Wednesday's announcements may be the cause.

The 82mb file can be downloaded at