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The Beatles sell 5 million songs, 1 million albums on Apple's iTunes


The debut of The Beatles on iTunes has proven extremely popular, with the band selling 5 million songs and a million albums solely from Apple's digital music store.

Apple revealed to The Loop on Friday that the current best-selling album is "Abbey Road," priced at $12.99, while the most popular song is "Here Comes the Sun" from the same album, which costs $1.29 individually.

The numbers show that the pace of sales has slowed since the first week of availability, when 450,000 albums were sold, along with 2 million songs. Then again, the best-selling album and song were "Abbey Road" and "Here Comes the Sun," respectively.

The Beatles catalog came to iTunes in mid-November, after a wait of more than 7 years since when the iTunes Store opened and began selling music. Apple and the Beatles' parent company, Apple Corps, were involved in a trademark dispute for years, before it was finally settled in 2007.

Earlier this month, alleged details of the contract between The Beatles and Apple were revealed, suggesting that the band is being directly paid royalties from song sales. The information suggests the royalty split could be even more lucrative for The Beatles than a standard iTunes artist contract.