Apple's Final Cut Pro update rumored to add iPad, Thunderbolt support

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Comments from an industry insider have offered a glimpse at what Apple is expected to announce at this week's anticipated unveiling of the new Final Cut Pro, including potential support for high-speed Thunderbolt ports and the iPad.

The details came from comments by Mark Raudonis, head of post production at Bunim/Murray Productions, who was given an advance look at the anticipated software update. Raudonis's comments were collected by FilmMaker Magazine, and were discovered by MacRumors.

Speaking at the PreNAB Editors' Lounge 2011, Raudonis recalled a famous quote from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, in which he said he would "skate to where the puck will be" — a comment also cited in the past by Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs. Raudonis said that the new version of Final Cut Pro exemplifies that philosophy.

"Where is the puck headed? Again, I can't speak specifically, but I think the rest of the time here will be very interesting," he said. "File-based workflows, Thunderbolt, iPad, competition, it's a moving target. Adobe, Avid, Lightworks. There's a lot of other stuff out there. And they (Apple) are certainly not ignorant of what's going on in the market at the moment."

He continued: "Apple is very good at going their own way and figuring out where things will be. They may not ask you what you want. They are going to tell you 'We're going to invent something different.'"

Raudonis said he was "very impressed" by the preview of the new Final Cut Pro. He also said that Apple indicated the product will be available in Spring 2011.

In February, one video professional who was given a private demonstration of Final Cut Pro said the new version is a "jaw dropper. he also said it would be a "great year" for users of the Final Cut Pro software suite.

Another report characterized the new version as "spectacular," and said it would represent the "biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since the original version was created over 10 years ago.

Apple is expected to announce the new Final Cut Pro on April 12, at the FCP User Group SuperMeet. The anticipated reveal became known because Apple required sponsors of the meetup to cancel their presentations in order to reserve the stage time necessary to demonstrate the next version of Final Cut Pro.


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