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Apple begins selling iPhone 4 units built in Brazil

Apple has begun selling 8-gigabyte iPhone 4 models manufactured in Brazil to customers in that country, though prices on the units remain unchanged.

Evidence that Foxconn was set to begin assembling iPhone 4 models in Brazil surfaced last October before the iPhone 4S was unveiled, with a new model codenamed "N90A" captured in a picture. But a "made in Brazil" iPhone 4 never actually surfaced in the wild until recently.

One of the first Brazil-manufactured iPhone 4 models was discovered by Portuguese-language website Meio Bit (via MacRumors). Apple has quietly begun shipping the units to Brazilian customers who order their handset online.

The black 8GB iPhone 4 manufactured in Brazil carries the model number MD128BR/A, while the white model is MD198BR/A, both ending in "BR" to identify the country.

While the iPhone 4 models are now being made and sold in Brazil, there is no evidence that Apple has begun building its newest model, the iPhone 4S, in that country.

Though iPhone 4 units are now being assembled in Brazil, customers there have not seen any savings on the price of the unit. While U.S. customers can buy an unlocked 8GB iPhone 4 contract-free for $549, the same phone costs over $1,000 in Brazil.

Foxconn's Jundiai, Brazil manufacturing plant

Officials in Brazil initially began pushing for Apple's products to be manufactured in their country in hopes that it would lead to lower prices for its citizens. It was said that manufacturing iPhone units in Brazil could bypass import taxes and potentially lead to significantly lower prices.

In addition to the iPhone, Foxconn is also expected to begin assembly of the iPad in Brazil in the near future. The Brazilian government has approved tax reductions or exemptions for Foxconn to incentivize tablet production.