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First unboxing video of Apple's new iPad surfaces from Vietnam


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A first look at the new iPad being unpackaged and handled has surfaced from Vietnam, where users got their hands on an LTE-capable model days ahead of Friday's official launch.

The new video comes from Tinh.te (via Google Translate), which noted there are not many differences in the design of Apple's new iPad from the iPad 2. It said the new iPad is still a "very solid machine like the iPad 2, but is somewhat heavier and thicker."

The main difference was said to be the new 3.1-million pixel Retina display, which boasts a 2,048-by-1,536-pixel resolution. They noted that full-HD 1080p videos played back "smooth" on the new device, powered by an A5X chip with a quad-core graphics processor.

In the video, which is narrated in Vietnamese, it is shown that the new iPad is a 16-gigabyte model with 4G LTE cellular connectivity. The design of the box is similar to previous iPad packaging, with the iPad on top and the AC adapter, charging cable and instruction manual hidden underneath.

The video also includes a hands-on with the device itself, showing off the larger camera on the back of the device, as well as a run through the settings on the new iPad.

The same site has been the source of legitimate leaks in the past, obtaining a 13-inch MacBook last May before it was unveiled, as well as an iPhone 4 prototype. They also obtained a test build of iOS that included an Exposé-style interface for multitasking that Apple is believed to have scrapped.