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Another iPhone prototype leak reveals A4 processor, screw-less design

New pictures of Apple's next-generation iPhone have leaked, this time showing a newer and more refined prototype model than the one obtained by Gizmodo last month.

Vietnamese forum Taoviet published a series of photos, including a teardown of the hardware, revealing the marking APL0398, which is also on the A4 processor found inside the iPad. The rest of the markings — 339S0084, K4X2G643GE, and YN6024Z3 — are different, but the system-on-a-chip does include an Apple logo.

The new model also lacks the obvious screws visible in the Gizmodo photographs on either side of the Dock Connector, and is designated as being 16 GB rather than simply "XXGB." The back panel is also shown to be highly reflective, with a large back facing camera and LED flash.

As was revealed before, the new model uses the same micro-SIM as iPad, and the card now inserts into the side of the phone rather than the top end.

A video demonstrates that the device was also turned on, but was not running the iPhone OS. Instead, the screen displayed a graphic of an explosion that read "Inferno." At the bottom, text can be read that says "Start time: Run Bonfire!," "Duration: 0," and "Battery: 3 percent."

Additional photos of the device are pictured on the site.

Taoviet iPhone 4 photos
Taoviet iPhone 4 photos
iPhone 4G 1
iPhone 4G 2
iPhone 4G 3
iPhone 4G 4
iPhone 4G 5