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These are the 10 best Apple Watch bands for working out in 2023

Best Apple Watch bands for working out

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Whether you're looking for a durable, sweat-proof, or waterproof Apple Watch band for working out — or something comfortable and stretchy for yoga class, we've got you covered.

No matter your chosen workout modality, when it comes to Apple Watch fitness bands, you're in the game for good material, durability, longevity, or something cost-effective. And of course, a band that is distraction-free so that you can focus on your workout.

While the Apple Watch silicone band is a decent choice for workouts, you might find that the silicone gets grimy after a while, and the color fades.

Also, since Apple Watch bands can be pricey, separating your casual watch band from the one used during workouts might be advantageous.

Just like you separate your gym clothes from the clothes you wear to work, it's probably a good idea to switch out your casual Apple Watch for one more appropriate for hot yoga, for example.

We've rounded up a list of the best Apple Watch bands for working out that are functional, easy to clean, and able to withstand the sweatiest of workout. From Peloton spinning sessions to weight lifting, yoga to long runs, and even water sports like surfing.

Tefeca Breathable Sport Loop Arm & Ankle Band

Not all Apple Watch bands need to go on the wrist. The Tefeca Sport Loop Band works on both the arm and ankle, the perfect choice if you're an accident-prone wrist-flailer and are looking for something a little more out of the way for your workouts.

Tefeca Breathable Sport Loop Arm & Ankle Band
Tefeca Breathable Sport Loop Arm & Ankle Band

Some upper-level Apple Watches (think the Series 8) can run you over a thousand dollars (check Apple Watch Series 8 prices). Nothing is worse than hearing the hollow bong of hitting your costly Apple Watch against equipment at the gym.

For workouts like weightlifting, keeping your Apple Watch on your arm instead of your wrist will keep those nasty watch knocks at bay. The Tefeca sport loop also comes in handy for workouts like boxing, where the hands and wrists should be free from impact.

The Apple Watch strap is breathable, soft, and made of black mesh lycra, letting moisture escape intra-workout. The fit is secure and comfortable, giving the wearer that barely-there feel.

The band is additionally secured with a hook-and-loop design closure, making it easy to adjust.

The Tefeca band fits arms and ankles up to 15 inches and is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch. It is available for $17.99 on

Twelve South ActionBand

For germaphobes who like to keep a clean wrist, the Twelve South ActionBand boasts a terry cloth fabric, making it easy to pop into the wash with your other workout clothes after exercise.

Twelve South ActionBand
Twelve South ActionBand

The ActionBand hugs your wrist for a secure fit, but not too tightly to induce throbbing of the wrist. It also absorbs sweat and, most importantly — keeps the sweat from trickling down the wrist to the hands.

This means that during your pull-ups, you won't lose your grip on the bar because of sweaty hands. In addition, the ActionBand includes a protective frame for the watch face, keeping your Apple Watch safe from those dreaded knocks and bangs against gym equipment.

The ActionBand includes one pair of machine-washable wristbands; one with an Apple Watch covering for a more protective fit, and one without, for softer workouts like yoga - safe from gym equipment.

The ActionBand is available in sizes 40mm — 45mm on for $25.00 - $30.00, with several sizes currently on sale.

Dot Outfitters Yoga Band

If you are a yogi, the Dot Outfitters Yoga Band is for you. It is fashioned from a stretch knit fabric that feels (and looks) like a scrunchie. It is comfortable enough for slower, equipment-free workouts and for sleeping.

Dot Outfitters Yoga Band
Dot Outfitters Yoga Band

The band is breathable, wicks moisture, and is machine-washable. It does not irritate the skin like leather and silicone bands can, so it is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The band comes in an array of colors, is compatible with all Apple Watch models, and fits all wrist sizes. The small band fits wrists up to 7.5", and the medium/large band fits wrists over 7.5".

To keep the watch band looking newer for longer, consider ordering a darker color.

The Dot Outfitters watch band is available directly from DotOutfitters for $34.50.

LaBold Apple Watch Band

The LaBold Apple Watch Band is for all-weather athletes and adventurers who want to keep their pricey Apple Watch safe. This band includes a band and case for complete protection of your watch face, and it is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, snowproof, and scratch-resistant.

LaBold Apple Watch Band
LaBold Apple Watch Band

This makes the watch band an excellent choice for snowboarders or surfers.

The band can withstand a maximum submersion depth of 6.6 feet for one hour. To err on the side of caution, however, we suggest getting an Apple Watch Ultra for water sports — just in case.

The band supports wireless charging, is responsive to touch in the case, and has an adjustable band for a wrist circumference of 6.6 inches to 10 inches. It is made of soft silicone and can be cleaned with soapy water after your workout.

The LaBold Apple Watch Band with water resistance is available from for $23.99.

Apple Sport Loop

If you're a die-hard Apple fan and refuse to invest in off-brand accessories, consider the Apple Sport Loop.

Apple Sport Loop
Apple Sport Loop

The Sport Loop includes a hook-and-loop fastener for easy adjustment during your workout. It is made of woven nylon and features a double-layer weave pattern that provides soft cushioning during exercise.

In addition, the weave pattern makes it easy for sweat to escape, keeping the band breathable. Because of the woven design, the Sport Loop outdoes Apple's Sport Band for breathability.

A precise, comfortable Apple Watch band fit is essential when selecting a fitness watch band. One upside to the Sport Loop is that there are no premade anchor holes in the band, meaning that the wearer can loosen or tighten the band precisely to their liking.

It is available in five colors, fits 41mm and 45mm cases, and is compatible with most versions of the Apple Watch. It comes in one size, fitting 130 to 200mm (5.1 inches to 7.9 inches) wrists.

It is available from and for $49.00.

Arae Stretchy Watchband

For under ten dollars, the Arae Stretchy Watchband is another high-quality, versatile, and affordable choice.

Arae Stretchy Watchband
Arae Stretchy Watchband

It is easily adjustable without premade adjustment holes and provides a secure, snug fit. So for those rushing to get out of the locker room after work and into their workout class, switching out your casual band for this workout band is a seamless affair.

It is compatible with Apple Watch and is available in two size choices. Choice one covers 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm sizes of Apple Watch, while the other is meant for 42mm, 44mm, and 44mm sizes.

The watch is constructed of nylon and includes a stretchy, adjustable band with metal clasps, allowing you to adjust the watch to your comfort level. The band fits wrists up to 8.66 inches in circumference.

The Arae watchband is available from in sixteen colors for $7.49.

Apple Watch Nike Sport Band

The Nike Sport Band is a fantastic choice for runners. It is made from a high-performance fluoroelastomer material, a type of rubber that has wide chemical resistance, with compression-molded perforations for breathability.

Apple Watch Nike Sport Band
Apple Watch Nike Sport Band

This fluoroelastomer material won't disintegrate or lose color after multiple hand washes or hand sanitizer splashes.

Often, getting a durable watch band means the material can feel stiff on the wrist, but this rubber band is surprisingly soft. In addition, the pin and tuck closure ensures that the band won't budge on the wrist intra-workout.

The watch band fits 41mm cases and is available in S/M and M/L sizes, fitting most wrists. The band is available in a variety of colors, but keep your eyes peeled for those neutral colors; these are often sold out.

The Nike Sport Band is available from Nike for $49.00.

Orobay Shockproof Band

Often, watch band and case duos fall short when encasing the watch face without gaps. The 2mm raised bezels on the edges of this OROBOY band ensure the watch is shockproof and resistant to table and weight-machines knocks.

In addition, it is made of soft rubber, waterproof, and durable without feeling clunky.

Orobay Shock-Proof Band
Orobay Shock-Proof Band

The case covers the watch meticulously with no overlap or visible gaps. This band and case duo includes a rear opening design, making it easy to take on or off.

The back opening also improves the accuracy of heart rate data, fed from your wrist directly to the watch.

The clasp is strong, does not come loose during a challenging workout, and does not pinch the wrist. Purchase a screen protector separately if you want extra peace of mind.

It is compatible with Apple Watch 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm cases. In addition, it has a lifetime warranty, which is a huge perk considering its low price.

The OROBAY shockproof band is available from for $14.99.

Nomad Sport Band

If you are looking for longevity, quality, and comfort, look no further than the Nomad sport band. This band is waterproof, offers ventilation through perforated holes, and comes in an array of colors.

It is comfortable for all types of workouts, is durable for higher-intensity workouts like HIIT, and is breathable.

Nomad Sport Band for Apple Watch
Nomad Sport Band

It is also oil-resistant, meaning it doesn't allow sweat, oils, or dirt to build up. This makes the watch easy to clean after a sweaty exercise class.

The design is modern and sleek, and the material is constructed from a soft and flexible FKM rubber. The pin-and-tuck aluminum closure ensures that the watch won't budge during your workout.

It is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch and fits wrists from 150mm (5.9 inches) to 200mm (7.7 inches) in size.

The Nomad sport band is available direct from Nomad for $59.95.