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First look: Apple's all-new Maps in iOS 6

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The release of iOS 6 later this year will mark a major shift for Apple away from Google Maps to its own in-house mapping solution, complete with 3D recreations of cities, turn-by-turn directions and crowd-sourced traffic data.

Developers can get a first taste of the new Maps application in iOS 6 with the beta issued by Apple on Monday following the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation.

The new 3D mapping technology found in the updated Maps application is not yet active in all cities. However, it can be tested with Cupertino, Calif., which is where Apple's corporate headquarters is located.

Turn-by-turn navigation with the new iOS 6 Maps application features a user interface that mimics freeway road signs, telling users where to turn. Directions can also be prompted using Siri.

Copyright data found in iOS 6 reveals that Apple has partnered with prominent GPS maker TomTom for its turn-by-turn directions in the new Maps application.

Apple's new Maps also offers integration with Yelp, which provides user-submitted reviews for virtually all stores, restaurants and other businesses in the U.S.

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