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Users say Apple's iPhone worth $313 to them, Android averages $220

A new survey has found that the average iPhone user considers their handset to be worth $313 to them, while Android smartphones are valued at $220.

Investment firm Piper Jaffray recently polled more than 400 consumers from around the U.S. and Asia in its annual cell phone survey. The surveys were conducted in larger cities, which resulted in more than half of users being iPhone owners.

Analyst Gene Munster and team asked participants to come up with a dollar value for how much their current phone is worth to them. The survey found that among the 208 current iPhone users, the average value was $313, which is over $100 more than the subsidized price of the 16-gigabyte iPhone 4S.

In comparison, users of Android handsets said their current smartphone was worth $220 on average, while BlackBerry smartphone owners pegged the value of their device at $219.

Munster believes the premium value iPhone owners attribute to their handset suggests that even if carriers were to decrease their subsidies, consumers would be willing to pick up at least some of the difference in the added cost.

Based on the survey, Munster has also predicted that Apple will increase its smartphone marketshare by between 5 and 10 percentage points over the next three years. While Apple's iPhone currently has a market share in the low 20 percent range, he sees that number going above 30 percent by 2015.

Munster believes Apple will report sales of between 28 million and 29 million iPhones in June when the company reports its annual quarterly earnings next Tuesday. As for next year, he believes the new iPhone will help propel sales to 170 million units in fiscal year 2013.