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Apple's latest "Genius" ads no longer airing during Olympic games


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Olympics viewers no longer have to endure Apple's latest series of "Genius" ads, which came under heavy fire from critics immediately following their debut at this year's games.

The three commercials, which feature Apple retail store Geniuses helping Mac users troubleshoot their problems, have been a topic of debate amongst Apple enthusiasts and industry watchers alike, many of which believe their quality isn't up to snuff with company's traditional standards.

A rep for TBWA/Media/Arts Lab, Apple's long-time ad agency, confirmed Monday that the spots have stopped running but said that was the Mac maker's plan all along. They were intended only for a “first run” during the Olympics' first weekend, the rep said.

The ads marked a stark departure from Apple's tried-and-trusted method of showcasing the product with minimal human interaction, like those that pit the latest iPhone against a blank white canvas with only a single finger to detract from the design of the product itself.

It remains unclear whether Apple plans to re-issue the ads at a later date or continue on with campaign in general.