Apple sells 7 million Mountain Lion upgrades in less than 2 months

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More than 7 million users have upgraded to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion since it launched in late July, Apple revealed on Wednesday.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook announced at Wednesday's keynote that his company's notebooks have ranked No. 1 in U.S. market share in the last 3 months. In all, the Mac has captured 27 percent of the overall PC market.

The Mac has also seen 15 percent year over year growth since the latest Macs launched in June, including the company's flagship 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. In comparison, the overall PC market has grown just 2 percent.

Cook also touted iPad sales, stating that Apple's share of the tablet market has grown from 62 percent a year ago to 68 percent this year. The iPad also represents 91 percent of all tablet Web traffic.

"I don't know what these other tablets are doing," Cook said. "They must be in warehouses or store shelves."

In all, 17 million iPads were sold in the June quarter, which was more than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC line.