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Apple requiring iPhone 5-compatible screenshots for app updates

Source: RazorianFly

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With the iPhone 5 launching in nine countries on Friday, Apple has sent a note to developers, requiring the app makers supply screenshots compatible with the new smartphone's taller 4-inch display when submitting software updates.

The iTunes Connect notice, obtained by RazorianFly (via Cult of Mac), breaks down the new image size requirements, warning that non-compliance will result in an app being held for review until the proper screenshots are provided.

Apple's new app screenshot requirements:

  • 640 pixels by 1136 pixels (portrait)
  • 640 pixels by 1096 pixels (portrait)
  • 1136 pixels by 640 pixels (landscape)
  • 1136 pixels by 600 pixels (landscape)

A number of third-party developers have already submitted updates to bring their apps up to iOS 6, and subsequently iPhone 5, standards, including a handful tailored to take advantage of Apple's Passbook app.