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Starbucks app update brings Passbook support

Falling just a few days short of making good on its promise to bring Passbook support by the end of September, Starbucks on Wednesday rolled out an update to its iOS app which allows Starbucks Card holders to store their information in the iPhone and iPod touch digital asset repository.

Starbucks Passbook

The ubiquitous coffee company was one of the few companies included in a demonstration of Passbook during the application's unveiling at Apple's worldwide developers conference in June.

It was expected that Starbucks would offer Passbook support when iOS 6 launched, but the app wasn't on the list of compatible programs initially advertised in the App Store. The company later promised to offer integration before the end of September.

With the new update, users can easily access their Starbucks Cards from Passbook, allowing easy access to the barcode-based rechargeable payment system.

The utility of the newly integrated system is questionable, however, as access to the barcode in Starbucks' own app only takes one extra step while offering the ability to refill the card's balance. Passbook does trump the coffee company's app as far as iPhone 5 compatibility is concerned, as Starbucks' app has yet to be redesigned to take advantage of the new handset's 4-inch display.

Those Starbucks card holders who haven't yet downloaded the app can do so here.