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Recent third-gen iPad buyers may be able to exchange for newer model

A number of third-generation iPad owners who recently purchased their device only to find out on Tuesday that their tablet is now obsolete, are reporting that certain Apple Stores are allowing swaps for the new fourth-generation model.

While it is unknown if the policy is active at all Apple Stores, some owners are finding success in swapping out their recently-purchased third-generation iPads for the fourth-generation version announced on Tuesday, reports CNET.

For those locations participating in the exchange, owners must have bought their iPad within the last 30 days. If the unit itself doesn't show serious signs of damage, there is a high likelihood that the store will waive the normal 14-day return policy.

Those owners who purchased a third-generation iPad within the past two weeks have the usual two-week Apple guarantee and should have no problem exchanging the device for the fourth-generation model at any Apple Store.

It should be noted that while AppleInsider confirmed the ability to exchange iPads with local Apple Stores, it is not a nationwide policy and customers need to call before bringing down their tablets for a swap out.