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Apple's iPad mini ad is classically simple [u]

Alongside the iPad mini's debut at a special event on Tuesday, Apple revealed a simple, yet effective TV spot for the device set to air sometime soon.

Update: Apple has released a pair of videos, one outlining the features of the iPad mini and another highlighting the device's Smart Covers. Both are included below.

Although the commercial is not available on Apple's official channel, a rip from the company's live stream of Tuesday's unveiling has appeared on YouTube.

As noted by CNET, the ad is understated and doesn't offer any information in the way of specs or talking points. Instead, it offers the audience an illustrative picture of the fourth-generation iPad and the new iPad mini, comparing and contrasting the two by simply having them play a piano duet in Garage Band.

The song, "Heart and Soul," is kicked off by the full-size iPad which is then accompanied by the iPad mini, showing that the smaller tablet is just as capable as its larger sibling. The size difference is noticeable, but that's the point, driven home by the iPad mini's capability of being used by one finger.

The commercial focuses on what is similar between the two devices, while at the same time pointing out the sheer portability of the new mini. It's a classic, well-designed and low-key ad that harkens back to older Apple commercials that provoked thought and emotion.