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Apple's iPhone 5 to launch in India, Greece, Mexico, more on Nov. 2

Apple's quick global rollout of the iPhone 5 is set to continue in a week, when it will debut in India, Greece, Mexico and a number of other countries.

Word of the iPhone 5 launch in India was first reported by The Economic Times on Friday. The iPhone 5 was originally set to launch in India today, but its debut was reportedly pushed back one week.

The publication also revealed that Apple started billing content through iTunes and the App Store in the Indian rupee currency. Previously, the billing was done in U.S. dollars.

The change is expected to be a benefit for developers in India, as users will be more likely to download content from the App Store in their native currency.

A number of other countries are also expected to gain access to the iPhone 5 on Nov. 2, according to a series of reports dug up by MacRumors. Other countries set to gain Apple's latest handset are Mexico, Greece, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Bulgaria, Croatia, Malta, and Romania.

The iPhone 5 has had the fastest rollout of any Apple product in the company's history. Most significantly, it is expected to debut in China in December.