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iTunes Connect winter closure scheduled for Dec. 21-28

In an email to developers on Thursday, Apple confirmed that its developer portal iTunes Connect will be shutting down for the winter holidays from Dec. 21 to Dec. 28.

AppleInsider reader "G" provided a copy of Apple's email, which notes app releases slated to be introduced in the App Store and pricing changes scheduled through the program's interval pricing system will be delayed during the holiday shutdown. iTunes Connect is responsible for managing applications sold through the App Store, including app updates, pricing, and descriptions.

According to Apple, app price changes, including those for in-app purchases, scheduled to take effect during the shutdown will be frozen until the system is reactivated on Dec. 28.

Apple issued a similar email in October, notifying authors selling their books through the iBookstore that iTunes Connect would be down over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Last year, iTunes Connect was scheduled to close from Dec. 22 to Dec. 29, however the portal came back online one day early, allowing developers to view daily and weekly sales trackers, contract management and financial reports.