Apple appeals Chinese court ruling over pirated encyclopedia apps

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Apple has filed an appeal with a Chinese court's $84,000 judgment pertaining to the sale of apps containing pirated versions of a well-known encyclopedia, claiming the company was not responsible for the content.

First reported by Chinese language newspaper the Jinghua Times (via The Next Web) on Wednesday local China time, the appeal asserts that the court's assessment of the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House complaint was incorrect, adding that the $84,000 (RMB 520,000) fine is too high.

The court decided the case in September, and found Apple to be responsible for the pirated copies as it allowed the content to enter the App Store and profited from its sale.

Apple's appeal is the latest chapter in a case that dates back to 2010, when the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House filed suit against the company after discovering unauthorized versions of its copy-written material in the iOS App Store.

For its part, Apple argued that it did not develop the third-party apps, and therefore had no responsibility for the pirated content. The company will reportedly hold that contention throughout the appeals process.


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