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Apple could be planning iOS device with 128GB of storage

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A more intimate inspection of Apple's latest iOS 6.1 beta reveals that Apple may be planning to introduce an iOS device with double the built-in storage of today's highest capacity iPhones and iPads.

The discovery, as first reported by iDownloadBlog, notes the usual 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB partition keys are joined by a new 128GB designation in the iOS 6.1 BuildManifest as of the fifth beta, which began making its way to developers on Saturday.

While the presence of the new partition padding itself does not necessarily indicate that Apple will offer a 128GB model with its next generation of iOS devices, it shows that the company may at least be preparing for the possibility.

Apple's current offerings for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch top out at 64GB, meaning a jump to 128GB would be an effective doubling of today's maximum capacity.