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Steve Jobs action figure rears articulated head again

A 12-inch collectible action figure depicting late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is once again for sale on a Japanese site, marking at least the second time in a year that a figurine company has attempted to cash in on Jobs' likeness.

Legend Toys has put up a product page and ordering information for a figurine crafted to reproduce Jobs in one-sixth scale as he is best remembered. Clad in reproductions of his signature jeans, tennis shoes, and black turtleneck, the Jobs figurine comes with a set of glasses, three pairs of hands, an apple, and a miniature leather sofa in which it may recline.

It retails for $200.

On the product page for the action figure, its designers also included a series of photos, wherein the jobs figurine sits atop the shoulder of a wax figurine of Steve Jobs at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.

It is difficult to say how long the order page for the figurine has been up, but it will, if past events are any indication, likely come under heavy fire from Apple's legal department, which is fervent in protecting the image of the company's co-founder.

Steve Figurine Reborn

Apple's legal team in 2010 reportedly exerted immense pressure on online auction site eBay to remove listings for a series of Steve Jobs figurines. The figures, depicting a more cartoonish Jobs holding an iPhone while standing atop an Apple logo, had reportedly fetched bits of up to $2,500. The figure's glasses were moveable.

And, nearly a year ago to the date, an action figure from a Hong Kong company called In Icon drew pressure from lawyers for Apple and Jobs' family. That doll — which came with the typical Jobs garb, a "One More Thing" backdrop, two apples, and a bar stool — had a retail price of $99 before it was taken off the market.