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BlackBerry Creative Director Alicia Keys tweets from iPhone, claims Twitter account hacked


After being announced as BlackBerry's Global Creative Director less than two weeks ago, pop diva Alicia Keys claims her Twitter account was hacked after a specious tweet from an iPhone was sent under her name.

The tweet, which referenced recording artist Drake's new album "Started from the Bottom," was sent early Monday from Keys' Twitter handle, but was quickly deleted and replaced by a statement alleging the pop star's account was hacked. As noted by The Verge, the original tweet read, "Started from the bottom now were here!"

Keys is the latest celebrity to experience problems with social media as tech companies look to cultural icons to push their products in mainstream markets. In 2012, Oprah used an iPad to send out a number of tweets endorsing Microsoft's Surface RT tablet. However, unlike Oprah, Keys is supposedly part of BlackBerry's corporate team.

Whether the singer mistakenly sent the tweet herself or was legitimately hacked will likely remain unknown, but the situation has clarified the effectiveness of social media as it pertains to the modern marketing landscape.