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Belkin's Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad adds magnetic stand, improves sound

Belkin on Wednesday announced the online availability of the Ultimate Keyboard Case, a new iPad accessory with a versatile magnetic stand that allows for use in a variety of orientations.

The new Ultimate Keyboard Case measures 6.4mm thick and fully wraps around the back of Apple's tablet, protecting the unit and providing a QWERTY keyboard. The inclusion of a magnetic stand allows for three different positions for typing, letting users choose their own optimal viewing arrangement.

When the Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard isn't in use, users can simply fold it back behind the device, making the device more suitable for one-handed interaction. Belkin also built the Ultimate Keyboard Case with SoundFlow design, which pushes sound from the iPad's rear speakers toward the the front of the device, making for clearer audio.

The aluminum alloy case weighs just over a pound, and its internal battery allows for 160 hours of typing in between full charges. It's compatible with the iPad 2, the third-generation iPad, and the fourth-generation iPad.

The Ultimate Keyboard Case is available for pre-order now on Belkin's site. It comes in a black model, which retails for $100, and a silver model, available for $130.