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Apple tripling size of its crowded San Francisco Stonestown store

Apple's smallest retail store in San Francisco is preparing to get three times bigger, as part of the company's $1 billion retail expansion plans for 2013.

The Stonestown Galleria site, located near SF State University in the City's southwest corner, is currently just 3,160 square feet, with less than half of that open to the public as retail space, according to a report by IFOAppleStore.

Apple has already identified a new location in the mall to accommodate a 10,641 square foot replacement; the new space was formerly occupied by three different retailers and is now covered in black plywood as construction plans move forward.

New location for Apple's expanded SF Stonestown store. Source: ifoAppleStore

The new space, expected to open for the holiday season, will replace the current, simple small box store with an expansive storefront using curved glass, similar to other stores the company has already built (below is Apple's storefront in Dresden, Germany).

Apple Store Dresden Germany

The expansion will bring the location inline with Apple's other two San Francisco stores (on Chestnut St and near Union Square), which range from 9,500-15,000 square feet.

The project is among 20 expansion projects Apple plans to finish within 2013, along with 30-35 new stores it will open this year, about three-quarters of which will be located outside the U.S.

Each of Apple's retail stores contributes an average of $51.5 million in revenue, suggesting that the addition of 30 new stores could increase Apple's revenues by over $1.5 billion.

Apple Stores mapFuture Apple Stores

IFOAppleStore provides additional details on Apple's retail stores, including interactive maps showing the location of existing (red) and planned (blue) stores around the world.