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Pixar campus has tree dedicated to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

A tree at the corporate headquarters of Disney's Pixar has been dedicated to Steve Jobs, co-founder of the animation studio as well as Apple.

The tree and plaque can be found in front of the Steve Jobs Building at Pixar's campus. Photos via oPixar Times.

The tree dedicated to the memory of the late Jobs was spotted on a trip to Pixar's campus taken this week by Samad Rizvi of Pixar Times. There he spotted a tree standing alone near the studio's main campus building, a facility that was also recently renamed the "Steve Jobs Building" late last year.

A silver-colored plaque sits in front of the tree with the following message:

Steve Jobs

Our partner, mentor and friend

The Steve Jobs Building
Main entrance to the Steve Jobs Building at Pixar's campus in California.

The same words were also featured in a tribute to Jobs at the end of the credits of last year's Pixar theatrical release, "Brave," which hauled in more than a half-billion dollars at the worldwide box office.

Jobs was a co-founder and main backer of Pixar, as he infused millions of dollars of personal cash to keep the studio alive well before the company turned a profit. His investment paid off handsomely in 2006, when Disney bought Pixar and Jobs netted about $4 billion in shares.