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Adobe's Lightroom 5 beta gets perspective correction, improved editing functions

Adobe on Monday announced the launch of a free public beta for Photoshop Lightroom 5, the next version of the company's digital photo management and editing software, which adds advanced features like a new Healing Brush and an Upright Tool.

The Lightroom 5 beta gives users a one-click auto perspective correction tool, more robust healing options, and the ability to create off-center vignettes. Adobe based the feature set that it added to this version of Lightroom off commentary and feedback from the Lightroom community.

The improved Healing Brush allows users to heal or clone aspects of images using brush strokes. A new "Visualize Spots" tool can also point out dust spots from a camera's sensor, allowing for easier removal.

The beta also adds a Radial Filter, allowing users to apply Lightroom's local adjustment attributes to a circular mask. A new Upright feature automatically levels horizons, straightens buildings, and corrects askew lines. The software also allows users to edit offline images by storing a smaller Smart Preview version of the image, with edits made to that image automatically applying to the original once reconnected to Lightroom.

Interested users can download the free Lightroom 5 beta from Adobe Labs. In order to take advantage of the beta offer, users must create an Adobe account or sign in with an existing account.