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Apple adds iBooks Author Widgets, iTunes Extras and iTunes LP in iAd Producer update

In another Apple update pushed out on Tuesday, Apple brought iAd Producer up to version 4.0, adding a number of new features for developers to leverage when using the ad creation tool.

As noted by AppleInsider reader Gregg Mojica, the latest iAd Producer was pushed out just minutes before Apple's quarterly conference call for the second fiscal quarter of 2013. Three main features were added the the usual iAd creation toolset: iBooks Author Widgets, iTunes Extras and iTunes LP.

First released in 2010, iAd Producer is Apple's solution to design and build interactive "rich media ads." The software supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

iBooks Widget
Example of an iBooks Widget. | Source: Apple

From the iAd Producer help page:

iBooks Author Widget

You can create an iBooks Author widget for use in your iBooks Author projects. For example, you can create a widget that allows users to stream video from the Internet, draw using their finger, or interact with a timeline.

iTunes Extras

You can create an iTunes Extras project to provide bonus content (such as cast interviews, bonus videos, or behind-the-scenes photos) for movies available on the iTunes Store.

iTunes LPs

You can create an iTunes LP project to provide additional content (such as lyrics or photos) for albums you’ve submitted to the iTunes Store. You can create your iTunes LP using a template, or start with a blank project.

Version 4.0 of iAd Producer comes in at 341MB and developers can download the software from Apple's developer website.