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Apple's latest TV ad focuses on the iPhone 5's camera

Apple on Thursday aired its newest TV commercial for the iPhone, with the spot straying from the tone set by the company's most recent iPhone and iPad ads, which highlighted the bevy of apps available for iOS.

The commercial, titled "Photos Every Day," marks the return to a focus on hardware last seen in September when the iPhone 5 first launched.

Unlike those commercials, which had a humorous tone and playful music, the latest iPhone spot, which shows people using the smartphone's camera, has a more "dramatic" feel. The newest ad is also a departure from the latest app-centric campaign touting the hundreds of thousands of apps available across all iOS devices.

Only one line of dialogue makes its way into the ad, with the narrator saying at the end of the one-minute long spot, "Everyday, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera."