Tim Cook's coffee date crushes records with $560,000 bid for charity [u]

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Bidding is still open for a coffee break with Apple CEO Tim Cook, but it will cost interested parties at least a half-million dollars to get into the running [updated]

Update: The bidding price nearly doubled Friday morning, crossing the half-million-dollar mark and reaching $560,000. As of 10:55 a.m., the leading bidder was Clearcrate.com.

This week saw the launch of an offer on Charitybuzz for a winning bidder to get a half-hour to an hour's time spent having coffee with the Apple chief. While the offer had an initial estimated value of $50,000, bidding so far has blown past that, with the current top bid now $295,000.

The offer for coffee with Cook still has 18 days left until bidding closes, but it has already broken the record for the site's largest charity auction ever. It's outstripped the previous record holder — for the chance to spend a day with former president Bill Clinton — by $40,000 so far.

Proceeds for the auction will go toward The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Bid prices do not include travel and accommodations.


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