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Rains once more cause damage at Apple's Fifth Avenue NY store

Weather woes continue at Apple's flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City, as rain is once again seeping into the retail location, and now Apple's SoHo location is said to have been suffering from the same problem.

Reports of further leakage popped up on Friday when tipsters sent in pictures and video of the problem to Gothamist. One image shows a ceiling panel in one location dramatically deformed due to the continued leaking.

Apple employees reportedly rushed to move sensitive electronics out of the way of the leaks, while other employees set about placing a large receptacle under the leaking area.

Apple's SoHo retail location was also reported to have been suffering leakage problems, but employees at the store expressed no knowledge of such a problem when AppleInsider called.

The latest leak marks the second time in as many weeks that the iconic Fifth Avenue store has suffered water damage. Earlier in May, heavy rains breached the location, causing employees to rush to mop up the damage.