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BMW says Siri Eyes Free support will come to all of its 2014 models

BMW drivers with iPhones may want to take a look at the company's forthcoming models, as the automaker announced on Friday that it would be integrating Apple's Siri Eyes Free mode into all of its 2014 cars.

Siri will be a standard option in 2014 BMWs thanks to an update to BMW iDrive, the car maker's integrated mobile interface. The update will enable BMWs to interact with not only Apple's Siri in Eyes Free mode, but also Samsung's S-Voice Drive mode.

Users will be able to press a button on the steering wheel and, once the digital assistant has activated, dictate messages, send calls, and use other voice command options. BMW's system is also compatible with apps like Pandora, Stitcher, Rhapsody, and Glympse.

The upgrade to iDrive 4.2 will also bring improved navigation, advanced real time traffic information, and other features.

BMW was among the initial car makers to pledge support for Siri Eyes Free when Apple first showed off the feature last year. Eight other automakers also said Eyes Free integration would be coming in their future models. In the time since, Hyundai has joined the group of manufacturers bringing Apple's digital assistant on the road.

Chevrolet earlier this year debuted the first model with Siri built in. The iPhone and Siri were big points of emphasis for subsequent television ads showing off the Sonic, Chevrolet's new Siri-integrated car.