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Photo shows prototype Logitech 'Made for iPhone' gaming controller

A new photo shows a prototype version of a Lightning-enabled iPhone 5 gaming controller from accessory maker Logitech.

The pictured accessory is an early build of an official "Made for iPhone" accessory, according to Logitech. The picture gives a first glimpse at what officially sanctioned iPhone gaming controllers will look like.

On the left side, the controller features a circular D-pad for directional control. On the right is the Lightning connector and a space that will direct sound from the iPhone 5 forward, along with five buttons.

Not shown in the picture are thumbsticks or trigger buttons, two features that may be included in other officially sanctioned "Made for iPhone" controllers. Apple detailed the parameters of such accessories last week at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple showed off to developers two different types of controllers that it will allow to become officially approved accessories. In addition to an "form-fitting extended gamepad" style, like the pictured Logitech prototype, Apple will also allow a "standalone extended gamepad" that will connect to iOS devices wirelessly without a need to physically attach to the device.

The form-fitting design will allow users to interact with the physical buttons as well as the iOS device's multi-touch display. The standalone models will feature player indicator lights, suggesting multiplayer implementation.

Third-party controller support will debut this fall with the launch of iOS 7. Accessory makers like Logitech have not yet indicated when they plan to have accessories available for purchase.