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Apple promotes iOS 7 enterprise additions in pitch to business customers

A new section added to Apple's website promotes its upcoming iOS 7 mobile operating system to business customers, touting new features such as enhanced security, and new ways to configure and deploy devices at scale.


With iOS 7, the new site touts, businesses will be able to control which applications and accounts are used to open documents and attachments. This will help companies to protect corporate data by keeping work documents limited to corporate applications.

Virtual private network support can also be enabled on an app-by-app basis. With iOS 7, companies will be able to configure apps to automatically connect to VPN when they are launched.

Employees will also be able to authenticate into corporate apps with a single sign on, allowing credentials to be used across apps, including downloads from the App Store. And a new App Store Volume Purchase Program will allow businesses to assign apps to users while maintaining full ownership and control over the associated licenses.

For downloading and installing applications and content, Catching Server 2 for OS X Mavericks Server also supports iOS 7. This will allow businesses to speed up the download and delivery of content from the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore.

Mobile Device Management has been enhanced in iOS 7, giving businesses new configuration options such as wirelessly configuring managed applications, installing custom fonts, configuring accessibility options and AirPrint-compatible printers, and even approving specific AirPlay devices for use. Enrollment in MDM has also been streamlines, and can be configured during activation of a handset.

iOS 7 will also improve third-party data protection in applications, leveraging a user's passcode to create what Apple claims is a "strong and unique encryption key."

Finally, Apple also noted that its built-in Mail application has been enhanced with the ability to add and reorganize smart mailboxes within the mailbox list, and with a redesigned search. The new Mail in iOS 7 also gives the ability to view PDF annotations, and gives Microsoft Exchange 2010 users the ability to sync notes.