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WSJ again claims Apple working on larger-screened iPhones up to 6" diagonal [u]

Mockup of iPhone with 4.94-inch screen, created by Marco Arment.

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Apple is reportedly testing a variety of next-generation iPhones with larger screen sizes, some up to six inches diagonally, though the devices are not expected to roll out at next week's media event.

According to Wall Street Journal reporter Ian Sherr, sources say Apple is experimenting with large-format smartphones, also called "phablets," with display sizes ranging from 4.8 inches to 6 inches akin to products made by rival Samsung.

The sources claim internal discussions are finding Apple more open to launching a phablet iPhone. The company just last year upped the smartphone's screen to a 4-inch panel, the first such change in display size since the iPhone first hit the market in 2007.

Component suppliers say Apple has become particularly interested in the 4.8-inch form factor after recent tests.

The WSJ conveyed identical rumors in July, reporting that larger format iPhones may also be joined by a 13-inch iPad.

During Apple's quarterly conference call in April, CEO Tim Cook was asked about the possibility of an iPhone phablet. He said the company would not ship a device with a larger screen until solutions are found for certain "trade-offs," including battery life, color reproduction and longevity among others. Cook had no comment on whether Apple is experimenting with bigger iPhone products, though it can speculated that the company is at least toying with the idea.

Update: This story was originally based on a tweet and has since been updated to reflect all available information.