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Hands-on with the new Grey, Gold & Silver iPhone 5s with leather cases

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Color is a defining feature of the iPhone 5c, but its buttoned-down, upscale iPhone 5s sibling gets color options of its own, paired with a series of custom leather cases.

iPhone 5s in Grey, Gold & Silver

iPhone 5s

The new iPhone 5s is visually nearly identical to the design of the current 5, although the black version (above) is now called "space grey" and sports a lighter, dark-silver finish contrasting with black glass surfaces on the front and back.

iPhone 5s

Along with a silver edition with white glass surfaces and bright silver trim, a new gold version (above) pairs white surfaces with metallic gold trim, with a finish that appears to subtly shift between a tinted silver into a rich gold as the device is tilted, as shown in the video below.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s leather cases

Apple also offers a series of five leather form-fit cases ($39 each) for the three metallic finishes of iPhone 5s, in yellow, beige, blue, brown, black and Product(Red).

iPhone 5s

Like the silicon cases for the iPhone 5c, the leather iPhone 5s cases have a protective microfiber inside to protect the device's finish. Apple describes the construction of the new covers as a "single piece of leather is wrapped around a sturdy frame using a process that combines hand craftsmanship and precision machining."

The new cases cover up the shiny chamfered edges of the device, leaving only the metallic finger detection ring and and white or black face showing.

Behind the leather and shiny metal highlights, iPhone 5s packs a series of technological leaps, considered in the accompanying segment outlining its new 64-bit A7, its M7 motion coprocessor, new camera features & Touch ID.