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Apple posts iPad Air design videos, new pencil ad

Apple has publicly posted three videos that were previously included in its iPad event yesterday, showing iPads at work around the world, the design process behind the new iPad Air, and its first TV commercial.

The first video (above) "Life on iPad" depicts users around the world interacting with Apple's mobile computer, using it in settings where a conventional Windows PC would make little sense.

The video provides convincing evidence supporting Apple's concept of what mobile computing is all about, and in particular that it doesn't involve a need for Microsoft's Office brand of productivity apps, nor a multiple-position kickstand, nor a rubbery keyboard, nor an HDTV-like orientation that allows it pass as a very convincing netbook.

A second video (above), "Introducing iPad Air," presents Apple's head designer Jonny Ive describing the new iPad Air and the years of work "required to design and engineer the primary technologies that would be necessary to make it."

Apple's third video posted today (above) is the first television spot for the new product, which appears to focus on a pencil. The spot is narrated by "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston.