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Apple supplies developers with first beta of iOS 7.1

The first beta of iOS 7.1, Apple's forthcoming update for its mobile operating system, was provided to developers on Monday, just a few days after the incremental iOS 7.0.4 update was issued to the public.

People familiar with the pre-release build of iOS 7.1 said it is identified as build 11D5099e. The software can be downloaded from Apple's developer center website, though it is intended solely for testing purposes.

Apple's release notes for the software reportedly do not reveal any major changes or new features in the point-one release. There are also said to be a number of known issues with the first build, including problems with Bluetooth, iTunes Match, and developer-facing functions such as UIKit and Crash Logs.

The developer-only release of iOS 7.1 comes just a few days after iOS 7.0.4 was released to the public. That minor update addressed a few bugs on Apple's mobile platform, including an issue that would cause FaceTime calls to fail for some users.

Even with four minor updates so far, users continue to report a number of bugs and issues with Apple's revamped iOS 7. Specifically, crashes are frequently seen when using the new multitasking interface, causing the device to randomly restart, displaying the black startup screen with white Apple logo.

Also on Monday, Apple released a new beta for its Apple TV set-top box software. That pre-release build is referred to as Apple TV version 6.1.