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iPort debuts wireless iPad Air, Retina iPad mini charging case and dock combos

Mobile device accessory maker iPort added two new products to its lineup on Tuesday when the company announced the Charge Case and Stand for Apple's iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.

iPort's Charge Case and Stand are what the company calls "all-in-one" products meant to be permanently installed on Apple's latest iPad models. The case itself includes two charging points for portrait and landscape docking, while the stand is adjustable to three distinct angles for typing and FaceTime.

First debuted in November for Apple's fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini, the Charge Case and Stand combo is a sort of stop-gap between Apple's Lightning charger and inductive wireless charging. To be clear, iPort's case and stand solution is also wireless, but requires physical electrical contacts to pass current through to the iPad.

Embedded into the case and stand are magnets that help align and secure the tablet while charging in both portrait and landscape orientations. More magnets located on one side of the case provide a mounting point for Apple's Smart Cover.

To refuel, Charge Case uses a plug that attaches to the iPad's Lightning connector. The module can be removed for use on-the-go when the accompanying stand is not available. There is also a "chin" portion located at the bottom of the case which acts as a passive radiator, pointing sound from the speakers directly at a user.

iPort says the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display versions of its Charge Case and Stand are available for preorder now through the company's website and will ship in February.