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VLC for iOS gets Google Drive downloads, Dropbox streaming in update

Popular multimedia content viewer VLC on Monday received a substantial update with a new-for-iOS 7 UI, an improved library and hooks into Google Drive and Dropbox.

On the surface, VideoLAN's VLC for iOS version 2.2.0 gives the media player a new look with multitouch gestures, a revamped interface and a new startup tutorial. Behind the scenes, the app gets a few key functionality tweaks and additions many users have been waiting for.

The most significant of these changes is Google Drive integration and Dropbox streaming. For Google Drive, content delivery is limited to downloads, while users can both download and stream from Dropbox.

In addition to the cloud-based options, VLC improved stability with local UPnP multimedia servers. The latest release offers support for downloads from UPnP multimedia servers and improved Wi-Fi upload reliability when processing multiple items.

TV show and audio handling was tweaked for shows with over 100 episodes, while a number of new streaming formats were added to the app's supported list, including HTTP live streaming, HTTPS playback and m3u streaming.

VLC for iOS comes in at 24.6MB and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.