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States want Apple to pay at least $280M in e-books antitrust case, push for $840M

The state attorneys general suing Apple for price fixing are seeking $280 million in damages and will ask that the court order the award tripled to $840 million in advance of an upcoming damages trial, a new report says.


Apple's closing slide in its e-book antitrust case. | Source: U.S. District Court

The demands were made in a memorandum filed Friday with Judge Denise Cote, the federal judge presiding over the case, according to Bloomberg. The plaintiffs argue that Apple should be subjected to treble damages thanks to the company's "conclusively proven" role as the scheme's leader.

"The three cases pending before this court allege the same conspiracy, by the same conspirators, with the same goals, methods, and effects," the memo reportedly read. The document was sealed upon submission.

Apple was found guilty last July of joining with five major publishers in a conspiracy to fix the price of e-books. As a result of the verdict— which is still under appeal— the company was forced to alter its agreements with publishers and was assigned an external antitrust compliance monitor, a penalty which Apple is also fighting.

A new trial to determine damages in the case is set for May of this year.