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Angry Birds maker Rovio teases new fowl-featuring title on Twitter

As Flappy Bird mania fades away, veteran Finnish game developers Rovio on Wednesday suggested that they would soon add another chapter to their own feathered franchise: Angry Birds.

Rovio teased the new game on their Twitter account, promising a "big adventure" with a new cast of irate avians. It would be the tenth entry in the blockbuster physics-based series in which players use a slingshot to fling birds at elaborately-constructed castles erected by an opposition force composed of pigs.

Following the massive success of the original Angry Birds, the franchise has expanded with merchandise, theme parks, and even Hollywood tie-ups. Most recently, Rovio unleashed Angry Birds Go, a Mario Kart-like downhill racer set in a new three-dimensional world.

The studio gave no further details of what to expect and did not hint at a release date, only saying that the game would be "coming soon." Rovio also makes popular games Juice Cubes and Tiny Thief.