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Apple's iAd creation tools expanded to non-developers, now support videos

Apple is working to expand its iAd mobile advertising platform, making the "Workbench" tool for ad creation available to anyone with an Apple ID, and also enabling the ability to run short videos within ads.

The company's efforts to expand access to the iAd platform were highlighted on Tuesday by AdAge. While the iAd Workbench was previously only available to registered developers, but now new types of advertisers will be able to jump on board.

Apple reportedly hopes that the expansion for iAd will help to bring in new types of advertisers who may spend more money than current clients. Specifically cited in the report were major film studios and retail outlets, along with smaller customers like independent filmmakers and small car dealerships.

In addition, Apple has also loosed restrictions on the type of content allowed in iAds, as short video clips may be used. It was first revealed last month that Apple was planning to expand iAd options with new full-screen video ads.

In addition, where iAds ultimately direct users has also been relaxed from just mobile apps, to now a separate website or promoted iTunes content. Advertisements are still limited to iOS devices.

"Now, it appears Apple has concluded money in mobile ads comes from a wide net; in short, it'll look more like Google," AdAge's Mark Bergen reported.

Apple recently reorganized its iAd team, shifting some of its focus to selling advertisements on the iTunes Radio streaming music service. Former terrestrial radio executive Michael Pallad was brought in to head that team in December.